Wendy’s (Ellis) Green

Farrow & Ball full gloss paint

I discovered high shine “Wendy’s Green” paint from Farrow & Ball while searching for the perfect olive paint. The store actually does not carry a true olive paint but good news!, the custom mixed Wendy’s Green is available, with a 2 gallon minimum. This is the same green that designer Wendy Labrum used at the 2017 Lake Forest, IL Design & Garden Showhouse. I love it!

All room images were pulled from La Dolce Vita.

Author: KStyle

Art, design, interiors, stationary and DIY

10 thoughts on “Wendy’s (Ellis) Green”

      1. I reached out to Farrow and Ball and they are no longer making custom colors. I am so devastated as this was the perfect green for a project I am working on!!!! Any suggestions of something similar?


    1. Excellent! Amazing that worked. If you have Instagram DM me @mychicagohouse and we can go from there to coordinate. If you don’t have Instagram – I have a backup idea , just let me know.


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