Small updates and paint scraping

We need to get a painter in to help us with re-painting the apartment. While my dad and J dealt with the cabinets in our kitchen I scraped paint off our kitchen window. It appears as if someone had taped the window to limit draft because they couldn’t close the window fully by hand. We could close the window fully ourselves, but first I scraped this tape off.

Gold Coast kitchen refresh / remodel
Scraping old tape off the window frame

See how I make myself useful?
Unfortunately, there are surprisingly a lot of places in this apartment where there is evidence of a really messy paint job. For example, in the hallway we thought the paint was peeling, but there was actually blue painters tape that had been painted over, left over from the original job, that we were able to peel off! Luckily all of this is very easy to fix.
We also removed a bookcase.

Gold Coast guest room design
Bookcase in the guest room

Note that the edge of the door was never painted. Or, was potentially planed down to better fit, and never re-painted. We will be fixing this when we paint.

Gold Coast guest room design
Guest room cabinet removed

The baseboard is perfectly intact and the floor underneath was also refinished. The wall underneath looks minty. We will prime over this entire room to prepare it for wallpaper. We will wallpaper this room with Brunschwig & Fils Bird and Thistle.

Brunschwig & Fils
Bird and Thistle wallpaper, Brunschwig & Fils

An alternative paper that J really liked was from a room that we have stayed in during our annual trip to Twin Farms, a Toile du Juoy print. I have not been able to find the maker.

Twin Farms Toile
Twin Farms bedroom wallpapered in Toile du Juoy

We are visiting again in February and will potentially find out more then. In the meantime I am scheduling a visit from the painter, and from Waterworks to start on these bathrooms.

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